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Marketers are from mars and prospects are from Pluto

Does this internal dialogue sound familiar to you? “Why aren’t they buying anything? Stupid prospects. I’ve told them about the benefits. I’ve told them about the features. I’ve told them about the deadline. They must be tight, broke or stupid.” […]

Build a profitable business AND do less work at the same time

Sounds wacko right? But it is possible. If done right you can totally make more money online while doing less. Michael Cheney is living proof. While others around him live and breathe their business 24-7 and work all hours God […]

Talk to the hand (‘cos the prospects ain’t listenin’)

Do you ever get the feeling you’re being ignored? Welcome to the world of an affiliate marketer. As more and more affiliates enter the fray promoting more and more products a critical problem is emerging… It’s becoming nigh-on impossible to […]

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